"If you want to change the world for better, start with yourself."
-- Mahatma Gandhi

Corporate Social Responsibility: Our approach

The dedicated and determined effort to be a responsible citizen is deeply ingrained in our vision and ethos.

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility, Fairdeal believes in: exacting quality standards, customer satisfaction, environmental sustainability and corporate accountability. The company contributes for the education of poor children.

The FAIRDEAL Advantage!

  • 100% guarantee of a well engineered product.
  • Products designed by veterans from the industry having over 4 decades of experience in designing transformers up to 25MVA, 132 kV Class.
  • Extremely compact, yet user friendly
  • Product at par with latest design trends, using good innovative concepts and constant improvements.
  • Use of only first rate material to remove chances of product failure.
  • The finest testing facility guaranteeing a flawless product with zero compromise.
  • Product build to outclass competitors in the market. A quality product with negligible after-sales complaints.

Prominent Features of FAIRDEAL

  • Use of Anti-corrosive paint to keep the product away from rusting for years!
  • LV Cable Box: We’re the only transformer manufacturers to provide our customers with Sliding cover, making the most convenient cable box.
  • LV Mono-block: We are probably the only manufacturers across the country to provide transformers with Pressure Casted Epoxy Mono-block with Wave-free Copper bus-bars suitable to connect up to 8 cables, guaranteeing lower load losses, zero leakage and better cabling to avoid cable failures.
  • Pressure relief valves are a signature of FAIRDEAL Transformers, provided on all transformers.
  • Complete minimization of noise levels to allow companies become complaint with noise-pollution environmental policies.

We Guarantee:

  • Promptness: Highly prompt on all fronts, right from product inquiry to visiting your division for after-sales service.
  • Timeliness: A promise to deliver the products on the promised date.
  • Documentation: Providing you with authentic agreement and support documents at all stages.
  • Service: We offer a guarantee of reaching your site within 24 hours in cases where immediate assistance is needed.
  • Approachability: We are accessible 24 hours-365 days to serve you better.
  • Satisfaction: An assurance of satisfying even the most elusive clients!